Sunday, July 6, 2008

Downtown Art & Craft Market

Boy, this weekend just whirled on by! Saturday I was invited to participate in the Salt Lake Art & Craft Market held downtown in Pioneer Park. This event is held every Saturday throughout Summer in conjunction with the Farmer's Market.

It was a beautiful morning, but a little difficult to get myself out of bed in order to be there by 7am (especially having gone to bed the night before at 2am). The Market was very enjoyable, and it was fun visiting with the other vendors and visitors to the market.

our booth at the art & craft market shortly after set up

I was delighted to have been able share a booth with my new friend Romy. Thank you so much Romy for the invite! You are an amazing person!

So, if you are ever in downtown SLC on a Saturday, be sure to check out the market -- it is a must see!


Chris and Hilary said...

How fun! Will you be there every Saturday while it is going? I may have to drag Chris down there one of these weekends.

Sharon said...

I love nice quality stationery, I like the note cards melancoly. Thanks for the giveaway