Friday, August 1, 2008

Fun Finds

A few days ago, I happened upon the website for a local consignment shop called Abode. Right away I thought, "I have to check this place out." Although I would of loved to have walked away with a few more treasures, I was lucky enough to pick up these.

wood antique letterpress letters from Abode

I seem to have a weakness for the letterpress (owning a small Excelsior - pictured above). I dream of owning a larger press someday (if you or someone you know owns a larger letterpress, and would like to find a new home for it, please let me know).

After the consignment shop, I headed to a local thrift store. I am not normally a thrift store shopper, but I really wanted to find some old books to add to my library. I did find two, one of which I am pretty excited about.

A Book of Golden Deeds (1905)

Printed in 1905, this book is still in such beautiful condition. I am so lucky to have found such a great buy (just a $1). I love the illustrations on the title page.

title page

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Shauna said...

I discoverd Etsy a couple of months ago and I thought I would check out local artists and I fell in love with your artwork. The prints of the little girls are so precious. I also love stationery and plan on becoming a very good customer.