Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hello Package Man!

Growing up we always looked forward to when the package man would stop by our house. He usually brought goodies from my Grandma Sweetie in North Dakota.

These days, I still get a little excited when the package man rolls up to my house. Today I missed him, but he left the goodies on the front porch!

Hurray! More wood type! I was able to pick these up from a friendly ebay seller. You could tell when I opened the package that they have been a little neglected -- perhaps they have been sitting in someone's cellar or attic. But, I think they are great -- just a little natures wash on a rag, and they will be as good as new!

The other package, was one that I have been anticipating for a while now...

Ta Da! New postcards -- fresh off the presses! I have the hardest time waiting for new products to arrive (more to arrive very shortly -- stay tuned) -- it is almost like waiting for Christmas morning.

Well, I better get running -- got to update the shop!


Jen said...

I love those post cards - so cute!!

The Jongejans said...

UPS delivery men will always be "package men" to me! What a cute display of letters. Why clean them up? They look so....distinguished.

suzie chaney said...

just popped by to say hi, I saw your etsy shop and had to fave you!