Friday, August 7, 2009

Craft Lake City!

Book your sitter, hawk your husband’s golf clubs for a little spending cash and meet all your friends at Craft Lake City--this Saturday, August 8 at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake from 2PM - 10PM.

This outdoor alternative arts festival will showcase over 80 vendors specializing in handmade goods such as: silk screened posters, progressive crafts, DIY designs, reconstructed clothing, knitted items, jewelry, letter-pressed books and more. Affordable prices and original, artful pieces will be emphasized in every merchant’s booth.

Entertainment will be provided throughout the day and will include: vendor demonstrations, street performers and local musicians.

Whether you are head of your homemaking night or an emerging DIY artist, Craft Lake City is a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the local handmade community.
Band Line-up

2-3pm: Coyote Hoods

3-4pm: Mad Max and the Wild Ones

4-5pm: Aye Aye

5-6pm: Casey Prestwood & The Burning Angels

6-7pm: Cub Country

7-8pm: Subrosa

8-9pm: The Tiny Lights

9-10pm: Mammoth

See you there and be sure to drop by Isabell's Umbrella's booth!


Anonymous said...

Great to know about outdoor alternative arts festival..

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The Jongejans said...

Really wish I could be there...good luck! Sell lots of stuff!!

Anonymous said...

That's really nice to be there....

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