Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday morning smiles

How can I be grumpy when I have this to wake-up to? Logan is 7 weeks today -- where has the time gone?

I feel so lucky to have been able to spend this much time with him, and I am going to really cherish the last few weeks that I have to be at home with all of my monkeys. Although I enjoy my job (and I am very blessed to work at such a wonderful place), I really wish I could do this full time -- being a Mom, even with all of my shortfalls. My goal with Isabell's Umbrella has always been to bring me home. It is exciting to watch it grow, and know that this goal draws closer every day. I am really looking forward to that day, when I can say, "Mission Accomplished!"

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The Jongejans said...

Oh my goodness! He is such a cutie! Where on earth did he get that darling little nose? Certainly not from anywhere in our family ;)