Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fire Petal Books

A few weeks ago I was introduced to Fire Petal Books, and I immediately fell in love with Michelle's vision, as I have a profound love of reading, and would of loved to have a bookstore like this near me. Here is here story:

When I was young, I would have lived in the bookstore if I could. So many things to read. So much to learn. It was a world of my own.

I haven't lost that sense of wonder with books. They offer life and breath and excitement. Now that I'm older, I want to share that feeling of exhilaration with children, so I've decided to open a bookstore just for them, from the very youngest all the way up to nearly adults.

The problem is that nothing is free. While I love the thought of stocking shelves with beautiful books that children can take home with them to be theirs forever, it takes a lot of money to get it all up and running. So I am here, asking for your support so that I can provide a place for children to step into their wildest imaginings.

So here's the plan. Fire Petal Books will provide:

*Story time for young children
*A gathering place for book clubs, writing groups, and other small organizations that need a free place to meet
*Book clubs specifically for tweens and teens
*Writing classes for children, for teens, and for adults who write for children and teens
*Visits from some of the most outstanding authors in children's and young adult literature, which will include readings, signings, lectures, and other social events
*Prominent placement of books by local authors and those published by smaller, independent presses
*A network and community for all those who love books and want to share their love of reading with coming generations

How many of these services we can offer for free or at little cost depends upon how much support we receive now, in these beginning stages of opening the store.

It takes little effort on the part of many to do an extraordinary work. Be a part of that. Help me to build this for children and for the community.

So, now is your chance to win some great stuff, and support a wonderful dream. Click here for more information. Be sure to check out Isabell's Umbrella's gift basket contents while you are there -- maybe you will be the lucky winner!

Best of Luck!

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