Monday, April 26, 2010

Something entirely new

I will admit that I get pretty nerdy when it comes to paper goods, especially when it is a new product for Isabell's Umbrella. My husband laughs when I run through the house, waving the item in my hand, jumping up and down like a little kid about it. This one I am especially giddy about! Announcing...

Rub-on Decals by Isabell's Umbrella!

I think I actually squealed when I used my first transfer, and I have since spent a few hours transferring these adorable decals to my calendar, note books, etc. They are awesome (pick-up a set, I know you will concur)! I can't wait to share these with you! My mind is just racing with ideas on where I can use these, so many possibilities!

So, stop by the shop and pick up a set -- I would love to see what you use yours for!

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