Monday, May 17, 2010

the beginnings of something new

With my thirtieth birthday drawing closer, I have spent the last few weeks doing a little "soul searching," and I have begun making a few goals for the next decade of my life... the growth I would like to see in Isabell's Umbrella... the growth I would like to experience as an artist/illustrator... the growth I would like to make as a Mother & Wife. I am not sure why this upcoming birthday has affected me so much -- I wish that I could go into more details, but I am not a very eloquent writer.

One of the goals I have committed myself to for the next year is to draw/illustrate every day. (I recently read a short article from a favorite artists of mine that put this into practice, and it has really kicked my "butt" into gear), and I would like to share these with you beginning today:)

I hope you enjoy the journey over the next year!

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