Friday, August 31, 2012

My Process

Over the years, I have had several questions regarding my process.  It isn't very scientific, or top secret, but I have never really posted anything about it before.  So, I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you a brief glimpse into my process:

I am a huge sketchbook person, and not only do I always carry one around with me, but I usually have it within arms reach at all times too -- you never know when an idea will strike.  I would say when sitting down in the evenings to work on Isabell's, 90% of the time, my illustrations begin from some form of a sketch. 

Scanning & Digital Process:
My preferred method of drawing is digital (next to my pen and pencil), which is probably because I am a slight perfectionist (I get this from my Mom).  When I was little I used to sit at our family's Apple computer and draw using Paint.  That was back in the day with dot-matrix printers, with those awesome rip-away sides on the paper... sorry, I digress. 

So, in the evenings when I sit down at my computer, I first scan the sketch I am planning on working on that night, and then bring that sketch into Illustrator, and begin to redraw the image in black and white. 

Color Selection:
Once I have the black and white version of my drawing, I then begin to build a color pallet.  I usually work with Pantone Uncoated swatches, but will build custom CMYK colors as needed too.

Sometimes when working on specific illustrations, I will decide that something needs a pattern or texture.  So, I will build those too.  They can be something I already have created, or I will create something from scratch or another sketch.

Final Illustration:
It can take an hour or two, or even a day or two to create an illustration -- basically working until I am happy with it.  It is an amazing feeling when you complete something you are happy and proud of -- almost like getting a new outfit :)

So, this is my process.  I hope I didn't bore you.  If you have any other questions, please fire away!

I also created some new iPhone wallpapers using this adorable Kokeshi -- provided for you below.  Just click, save image, and then select as wallpaper on your phone. Xoxo!


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B. said...

I love reading about an artists process. The background patterns are lovely with your illustrations.