Monday, December 8, 2008

Etsy Does It - Article

A few weeks ago I was contacted by our local paper (The Deseret News) to interview about Etsy and my shop. I was so flattered to have been invited (I was very nervous talking with the journalist -- no matter how long I prepared myself mentally for the interview, my mind went blank and my tounge bound up).

Now that I have read the article, I am extremely flattered to have been included among the other artists also featured in this article. I am especially flattered to have been included alongside my friend Sarah Jane!


Sarah Jane said...

I had no idea who else was going to be featured...and there you were! SO happy to be in there with YOU...I am the honored one! I stopped by the Bizaar this weekend, and I couldn't have been more dazzled by your table. Your work is so clean and fresh...I loved it all!!! Your table looked fantastic! congrats!

LoVelli Boutique said...

Congratulations to you and friend Sarah Jane!