Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What a whirlwind!

Yesterday was one of those whirlwind days. I came to work to find that the article in the Deseret News had been published. Later that day I was contacted by a local news station to see if they could interview me for a piece on Etsy and Isabell's Umbrella that was to air that night. So after work, I rushed to the Art Barn (a gallery in SLC), gathered up a few of my items there, met the reporter and the camera crew, said a few things (I really can't remember exactly what I said -- I think it was because I was so focused on not saying something totally stupid), and then worried about the interview, and how I sounded, looked, etc. for the rest of the night.

Since we don't watch television at our house (sorry all of you television watchers out there, you just get so much more done if you don't watch it), I didn't see the interview until it had been posted on the internet late last night. And TADA! I guess it went better than I had thought (thank you KSL for cutting out all of the dumb things I said).

Wow, I really don't know why they selected to interview me over all of the other much more talented/successful Utah Etsians out there, but I am very grateful that I was able to participate!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Ashley... that's amazing.