Saturday, September 12, 2009

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As the big day quickly approaches, it is now time for me to spend what little time remains pulling together the last few loose ends, before our little bundle of sunshine arrives.

We are so excited for his arrival, and as the day approaches, I find myself feeling a bit sad about the things that I will no longer experience. For example, when he gets the hiccups, and my tummy jerks with each little one. Or, the time when he stretches and I can almost see his little foot indentation. It is amazing being pregnant, I feel so blessed.

As much as I will miss what I have now, I look forward to his arrival! I love the days when they just roll up into a little peanut, and you can hold them against your chest and just allow them to snuggle and sleep. I love watching them grow and develop. I am excited for our little boy Mason to see him, as he talks about his baby brother constantly. I wonder how his sister Madeleine will act, since she is too young to understand that she will soon be an older sister. And yes, I am looking forward to getting my body back, and no longer receiving those comments from perfect strangers asking me when I am due, and sometimes if I am expecting twins.

So best wishes everyone -- I will keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

It's so quiet and boring without you at work, and I think Sean is grumpy with your absence. But I wish you all the best, CONGRATULATIONS and good luck with everything this week! We hope to see your family (and new addition!) soon.